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“Secrets of Video Quality”学术报告

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Secrets of Video Quality


Al Bovik is the Cockrell Family Regents Endowed Chair Professor at The University of Texas at Austin. His research interests land at the nexus of visual neuroscience and digital pictures and videos. His recent interests include immersive, virtual, and augmented visual experiences, and how they can be perceptually optimized. An elected member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Inventors, and Academia Europaea, his many honors include the IEEE Edison Medal, a Primetime Emmy Award, the Technology & Engineering Emmy Award, the RPS Progress Medal, and the Edwin H. Land Medal.


Predicting perceptual video quality is a hard problem that has been successfully addressed in many scenarios, such as quality control of streaming and sharing of videos. However, videos continue to “get bigger” along every dimension including frame rate, bit depth, color gamut, spatial dimensionality, and fusion with generative methods. In this talk I will address some of these topics, how they can be addressed using principles of neuroscience and neuro-statistical models. In particular I will review the basic vision science that makes accurate perceptual video quality prediction possible, and I will discuss new extensions to high/variable frame rate videos (HFR/VFR) and high dynamic range videos (HDR).